How to get rid of ingrown hairs and bumpy dry patches on your skin

Sometimes it’s called “chicken skin.” Keratosis pilaris is a skin condition that runs in families. It’s common, it’s chronic, and it’s annoying.

ingrown hairs

KP shows up first in childhood when kids develop patches of bumpy skin on the backs of their arms, their legs, their bottoms, and sometimes their faces. Most of the time the bumps are white. But sometimes the patches are red because the clogged pores have inflamed the skin. Also, the texture feels rough and dry, which isn’t pretty when it’s on your cheeks.

The best way to treat keratosis pilaris is to exfoliate the skin, then moisturize. You don’t need to exfoliate every day – twice a week is enough. But do apply lotion every morning and night.

One of the easiest ways to exfoliate is to bathe with a body wash that contains salicylic acid or glycolic acid. These two ingredients cleanse away dead skin and unclog pores without the need for scrubbing. Within a few days or a couple of weeks, they resolve the problem of ingrown hairs and dry patches.

You can also use a salicylic acid wash on your face. Face cleansers tend to be a little more gentle than body washes and safer than mechanical exfoliation.

Of course, you can mechanically exfoliate with a loofah or a mitt. But be careful not to overdo it and irritate the skin. Roughing up your body is not going to solve the problem faster, and it could cause an infection.

If you feel that your current moisturizer isn’t doing a good enough job, try one made especially for dry skin. Unless you also have psoriasis, avoid thick and oily creams. Instead, choose products with humectants  like hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

Some body moisturizers also contain glycolic, lactic, or salicylic acid to exfoliate your skin throughout the day. Others contain urea which moisturizes while it helps you shed dead cells, too. Then, if you stay on top of things with regular exfoliation and moisturization, the KP will fade away.

Top Gas-Powered Lawn Mowers for Large Yards

Today, we will look at the top five gas-powered lawn mowers, giving you an overall buying guide for your lawn mower purchase. For the new lawnmower purchaser, it not just gasoline powered lawnmowers.

Husqvarna 961430130 LC221RH Propelled Lawn Mower, 21-inch

Gas-Powered Lawn Mowers

Husqvarna is known for it’s quality yard machine products, offering name-brand recognition, along with long dependability. Along with a high-quality Honda brand OHV engine, you just cannot go wrong!

  • 21-inch Premier Cut: The 21-inch Premier Cut offers a width cutting width meaning less cutting time and superior lift for a professional manicured lawn.
  • Dual Tigger Drive: The Dual Tigger Drive gives the user variable speed control with either or both hands. When going up or down steep hills, you can slow or speed up the lawnmower as the hills dictate.
  • 11-inch Rear Ball-Bearing Wheels: The 11-inch rear ball-bearing wheels offer smooth operation, great maneuverability, great for hilly, uneven terrain and tough mowing conditions.
  • Folding Handle: The folding handle offers easy storage and is lawn needs to be transported, simple to transport.

Power Smart DB86220 20-Inch 3 – IN – 1 196cc Gas Self Propelled Mower RED/Black

Power Smart offers a unique design for its self-propelled operation. With a large single pivoting front wheel and round high steel body, this design is like the zero-turn radius of a riding lawn mower in a push self-propelled lawnmower. With this innovative design, this is a good model for large yards with moderately hilly terrains and straight up and down hills. What is the best feature of this model? Offered at a low-price point, offers many more features than comparable priced lawnmower models.

  • Recoil start, 196cc 4 Stroke, OHV, single cylinder with forced air cooling system: This engine provides great power for all those hills and terrains.
  • Eight Cutting Positions: The feature of eight cutting positions offers adjustment for high and thick type grass, for that manicured professional looking lawn.
  • 20-inch cutting width: Offers wide cutting width for quicker cutting time.
  • Rear Wheel Drive Self-Propelled: The rear-wheel drive self-propelled feature offers less strenuous pushing of lawnmower making cutting your large yard less tiresome to cut.

Troy-Bilt TB330 163cc 21-inch 3 – in -1 Rear wheel drive self-propelled lawnmower

Looking for a good valve at a medium-price point, with a strong engine for that large yard, with a self-propelled drive. This Troy-Bilt model is the one for you with name-brand and years of proven dependability, the 163cc Briggs and Stratton Engine. This model has a rear-wheel self-propelled drive and four speed settings. Also, a 1.9-bushel capacity bag to catch your grass clippings and 3 – in 1 side discharge capabilities

  • Single Lever Variable Speed Control Drive: Gives four speed settings for comfort and control
  • High Performance Wheels: Sturdy Wheels for Heavy Duty Use
  • Adjustable Ergonomic Handle: Ergonomic Handle allows for adjustment for comfort when operating your lawn mower

Snapper P218502E/7800982 HI VAC 190cc 3-N-1 Rear Wheel Drive Variable Speed Self-Propelled with 21-inch Deck and Ready Start System and 7 Position height-of-Cut-Electric Start Option

For the traditional gas mower enthusiast, this is a fantastic lawn mower for your large yard. Full of features and benefits, and with an electric start system, just pull the cord and go.

  • Briggs & Stratton 850 Professional Series Engine: This Briggs & Stratton 850 Professional Series Engine provides ready start with no priming, no choking, just pull and go.
  • Real-Wheel Drive Operation: Offers its users a smooth-turn radius, ensuring easy maneuverability without damaging your grass.
  • High VAC Deck: With the High VAC Deck feature, your gas clippings are sucked up like a vacuum.
  • Unique Blade and Rolled Edge Design: With the unique blade design and the rolled edge design, a large volume of air is created for suction to pull in your grass clippings.
  • 3 – N – 1 Capability: 3 -N- 1 Capability offers the benefits of side discharge, bag, or mulch options.
  • Height – Of – Cut Adjustment: Height – Of – Cut Adjustment offers 7 height of-cut-adjustments from one and a quarter inches to four inches.

Lawn-Boy 17732 21-Inch 6.5 Gross Torque Kohler XTX OHV, 3 – IN – 1 Discharge Rear Wheel Drive Self Propelled Lawn Mower

For the large yard user on flat terrains, this Lawn-Boy model offers a lot of features and benefits at a good valve price. Lawn-Boy lawnmowers have been known for years for their dependability and long service lifetime. Offering a Kohler Overhead Valve Engine, with a guarantee of only one to two pulls to start up engine, or they will repair free of charge. A lot of valve at a decent price point.

  • Rear Wheel Drive System: The rear wheel drive system gives a better traction control on hilly and uphill uneven terrains.
  • Two-Point Height of Cut System: The two-point height of cut system allows the user quick adjustment of lawnmower height from one side of the lawnmower for both sets of wheels.
  • Three Year Tru-Start Commitment: If the engine does not start with no less than two pulls, Lawn-Boy will repair it for free!
  • Kohler 149cc Engine: The Kohler 149c engine provides 6.5 foot-pounds Gross Torque give you the power you need for large yards and fuel-efficiency with it’s overhead valve engineered engine.

Gas-Powered or Cordless Battery Driven Lawnmowers, which type is the right one for you. With technology improving and batteries offering power comparable to gas-engine lawnmowers, the differences are narrowing. Presently, the two best gas and battery powered lawnmowers have similar price points. Of course, there are several less expensive gas and battery powered lawnmowers worth considering for the budget-minded consumer. Want the best? We determined that for you also. Have fun shopping for your new push lawnmower!

How to Keep Your Aquarium Clean with the Right Filter

The easiest way to keep your aquarium clean is to use the right size filter. And you can choose the correct filter by matching its flow rate to the size of your tank.

Aquarium Filter


For example, the water in the aquarium needs to pass through the filter four times per hour. If you have a twenty-gallon tank, you’ll want a flow rate of at least 80 gallons per hour, or four times twenty. But if you have a crowded tank, extra equipment like a protein skimmer, or fish that make a lot of mess, you’ll be better off with a bigger filter. In that case, get one rated for 120gph to be sure the water stays clean.

Also, there’s no harm in choosing a filtration system with a higher flow rate than you need now.  This is especially true if you invest in a system with adjustable flow. The best filters for fish tanks are matched to the needs of their inhabitants. And those inhabitants may grow in size or number over time.

Now, there is one mistake that a lot of aquarium owners make in their zeal to clean the filter. If it seems like algae builds up too quickly inside your tank and the water yellows too fast, you might be doing the same thing.

If your water gets dirty too fast, try this tip

When you clean the filter, don’t be too anxious to scrub every detail. In other words, don’t wash every part every week. Instead, pull out the sponge and rinse it in dirty tank water instead of tap water. Really. That will keep the beneficial bacteria safe. Just scoop out a little water from the aquarium, put it in a bowl, and use that to squeeze out the debris.

Do the same for the carbon cartridge if you need to remove excess gunk. But plan on replacing the carbon every month to month and a half. This is important because the carbon becomes saturated with toxins, then starts to leach them back into the water.

Finally, don’t change the sponge and the carbon cartridges at the same time. The same goes for any other layers of filtration. Replace them a couple of weeks apart. That space of time allows the bacteria colonies to stay strong. And healthy bacteria consume the nitrites and nitrates that can poison your fish. Plus, your tank stays cleaner.

Is There a Difference Between Vacuums for Laminate and Hardwood?

Is there a difference between a vacuum that’s safe for hardwood and one that won’t scratch laminate? No, there’s not. But there are essential characteristics to look for when you’re shopping for a vacuum to use on bare floors.

Features of vacuums for laminate and hardwood flooring

Although you can clean bare floors with many kinds of carpet vacuums, here are some features to consider.

Disengage the roller brush

The typical vacuum for cleaning carpets has a beater bar, also known as a roller brush. But when you vacuum a bare floor, it’s best to turn off the brush to avoid scratching the finish. The best vacuum cleaners for laminate, for example, have a switch to disengage the roller, or else have a replacement roller with a soft surface. These soft cloth rollers are excellent for picking up fine dust from smooth floors.

Non-marking wheels

Next, the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood have non-marking wheels. Although it’s easier to refinish hardwood than repair laminate, no one wants to scratch either surface. Many vacuums for bare floors have rubber wheels instead of plastic. This protects the wood and isn’t nearly as noisy, either.

Adjustable height and suction

But avoiding damage to wood floors isn’t the only goal. A vacuum should be able to pick up everything from Cheerios to baby powder without leaving residue behind. Most vacuum cleaners for bare floors offer adjustable height and adjustable suction. In that way, you’ll have the power you need to deep clean the surface.


Also, as we mentioned, noise is a factor. Vacuums tend to sound louder when they run on hardwood or laminate than on carpet. This can be a problem when you have people sleeping, or you just find it irritating while you work.

Some vacuum manufacturers rate the noise level of their machines and post it in the specifications. In fact, you’re likely to see that a lot when you peruse the robotic vacuums. Take the noise into consideration when you shop because you’ll end up cleaning less if it’s a disagreeable task due to the cleaner’s racket.


When it comes to the filtration system, you’ll find that there isn’t one specifically for hardwood or laminate floors. What matters is the level of allergen reduction you need.

To illustrate, the top of the line is an air-sealed system with a HEPA filter and a disposable bag. It captures and retains 99.9% of the pet dander, dust, and pollen it sucks up from surfaces.

After that gold standard, you’ll discover a variety of offerings like washable HEPA filters and a bagless design, or plain dust filters, too.

Upright or canister?

Does it matter if you use an upright or a canister on laminate or hardwood? No, it doesn’t matter. It’s your preference. Each style has certain advantages. Take into account what’s more convenient for you when it comes to maneuverability, accessories, and storage.


Choosing the best vacuum for your hardwood or laminate flooring is easy if you remember to look for a couple of key features. For one, make sure you can turn off the brush roller. And two, choose a vacuum cleaner with non-marking wheels. After that, benefits like a fabric roller, soft bristles, and adjustable suction just make the job easier.