Architecture & Interior Design


Choose from three approaches to beautify your home, and animate your life. Whether starting from scratch, re-imagining, or just adding basics, we’ll apply your personal style — with just the right touch.

Our design philosophy

Our design begins with your life, and caters to your lifestyle. Perhaps you are just moving in and looking to create a calm oasis, removed from the daily hustle and bustle of the city. Or maybe you hope to reinvent the same old rooms, transforming them into spaces for lavish entertaining. Or it might be that the little things are lacking, those final touches that would truly express your style and personality. Rather than a “one approach fits all” mentality, Tribbles caters to your unique and personal vision, combining aesthetic perfection with basic and practical functionality.

Our design services

We can transform your living space into a work of art. with expertise founded in both architecture and interior design, Tribbles design services offer three approaches to imagining and realizing client’s needs. Home Essentials: whether just moving in or updating an existing space, we’ll help your personality to shine through. New Home Package: starting from a raw space, we’ll consider every angle, from arrangement of furnishings and organic elements to the perfect appliance. Existing Home: revise and update the old, bringing new accents and inspiration to the home you love.

Detail oriented design solutions

Make your household a home. It’s all in the details. From floorplans to tabletops, from architectural elements to linens and appliances, our design solutions understand that no detail is too big or too small, and that perfection is achieved not only through the selection of flawless furnishings and objects, but also through a perfect balance of elements within your personal space.