Cara Stone

My background includes schooling in studio art, interior and lighting design, and architecture. All disciplines utilize the same common principleā€¦a successful finished product requires a structural, visual, and practical balance of the individual pieces that are assembled to produce the whole. Everything we do, everything we make, is an assembly of pieces, in fact, a composition.

And so, my mind works in a very simple way, I build. Whether it be, the design for a building which is an integration of structural systems, and choice of building materials, which in turn establish a pragmatic flow of individual spaces; or the evolution of an interior room based on use of finish materials, texture, and placement of furnishings; both must start with a solid foundation and concept which supports the individual elements. I also apply the same mentality to everyday tasks, such as choosing an outfit which is really composed of individual articles of clothing and accessories, or creating a menu for a dinner party, again, an assembly of ingredients and courses.

Visual balance takes visual interest into consideration. Composition, texture, interesting use of materials, color, and unique quality should all be given careful attention. Everything chosen should be done so for a reason. When I sit at my drafting table I create or build a drawing, line by line. Every line is a 2d representation of what will become a 3 dimensional object. I do not draw a line unless I know what it represents and why I decided to put it there. I do the same thing when I choose items for pretty much anything. I base my choices on what makes sense to me. I understand good design, clever use of material, and a classic, timeless, sense of style. I look for items that are aesthetically pleasing as well as pragmatic.